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Over the past few years online betting has increased in popularity, and this increase has led to a dramatic rise in the amount of sport betting sites that have become available online. This now means that bettors have many different options when it comes down to deciding where to spend their money when placing a bet. Therefore, every single sport-betting site has to work extremely hard in order to attract new customers and keep their existing customers happy.

Reloading Bonuses

The way they attract new customers is by offering various free bet offers. One of the most common offers used to attract new clientele is known as the “Sign-up Bonus”. This is extra money that will be given to the client once they have registered and made their first deposit on the site. The amount that they will receive usually depends entirely on how much their first deposit is. Some sites give their customers a free small bet of a fixed value after they have made their first deposit.

Other sites will give the client a free bet without the need of placing a deposit. This incentive is known as a “Free Bet no Deposit Bonus”. There are a few sports betting sites that do not give their new customers an offer straight off the bat. Instead, they will give the client a refund on the first bet that they lose. So as you can see, there’s a variety of different incentives that different sport betting sites offer in order to try and attract new clientele. However, it must be mentioned that you cannot usually withdraw the money won with a free bet until you have wagered a certain amount of cash. This is known as the wagering requirement and it varies with each site. This wagering requirement is understandable, as it prevents people from signing up, winning free money and withdrawing that money, never to visit the site again. Without this limitation, someone could visit a load of different sites and win a lot of free money.

Reloading Bonuses

In order to keep existing customers happy, these sport-betting sites regularly reward their loyal customers with free bets. Another bonus that helps keep existing customers content is the “Reload Bonus”. This is similar to the aforementioned “Sign up Bonus” but it is usually for current customers and not newly registered ones. This bonus rewards loyal customers when they make another deposit. For example, some sport betting sites will give their existing customers a fixed percentage of the first deposit that they make each month. Others will even give their loyal customers a fixed percentage of their first weekly deposit. There are even a small percentage of sites that will give their customers a fixed percentage of any deposit that they make; however, these are few and far between.

The idea behind all of the bonuses that have been mentioned above is that a person is more likely to sign up to a site, or become a loyal customer, if they are rewarded for doing so. There is no doubt that this is true. We all love a freebie.