When coming together to create something, it is important that everyone who is involved has the same amount of passion and pride in what is being created. If this is not the case, then the project, whatever it happens to be, will undoubtedly fall flat on its face. There can be no worse feeling than spending time, money and effort on something that ultimately flops. However, we are positive that this will not be the case with this site as the people behind it is all very passionate about sports gambling and betting in general.

A world of betting possibilities

We have your best interests at heart and, therefore, we have taken seven of the most popular sports to bet on, and have provided you with a comprehensive guide for each one. Fancy betting on horse racing but have no clue as to what you can place a bet on? Want to spice up a game of snooker with a bet, but are not sure what to bet on? Feel like adding some excitement to an already entertaining game of Rugby but have never bet on rugby before? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need look no further than this site. Also visit our startpage to find the best betting sites in UK.

Over the years, we, the creators of BettingGuide.co.uk, have gained a considerable amount of knowledge and experience in the world of sports betting and betting tips. Therefore, we decided to put all of our extensive knowledge together in order to create a site that will act as a guide to others who enjoy a bit of sports betting tips. We sincerely hope that the betting guides available on this site will be of the upmost use to you and will provide you with the information that you require. Hopefully, our betting tips will set you on your way to winning some great cash prizes.

Bet on everything

Nowadays, it is possible to bet on absolutely anything: whether it will be a white Christmas this year; what the name of the next royal baby will be; whether someone will cry during their acceptance speech at the Oscars; and, quite morbidly, you can even bet on when a certain celebrity may die. So, as you can see, there is really no limit as to what you can place a bet on. As was briefly mentioned on the home page, sports have the same variability, and there are many different wagers that can be made when betting on a particular sport. Take football as an example. In the sport of football, you can bet on the following, but not limited to: goals scored, first goal scorer, number of corners, goals, cards, the margin that the victorious team will win by, whether there will be a clean sheet or a penalty missed and at what time the next goal will be scored. You can even bet on whether Luis Suarez will bite someone again (though, with his track record, it might not be worth it, as the odds are probably quite low!). For more detailed information on bet options in football please visit the football betting guide page.